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Workshop - Imature students


On 7th Feb 2019 Shree Bhavan’s Bharti Public school Bhopal had organized workshop on Mature with a aim to guide students about the Digital citizenship and Internet Maturity.

The training was conducted by Mr. Raghu Pandey, Founder, CEO ( by highlighting key reasons due to which the concept of Digital Citizenship emerged. He identified them as need for good online personas, prevention of cyber bullying, importance of key skills information, search and analysis, digital literacy and economic security.

 Mr. Raghu Pandey carried the training forward by first highlighting the problem that students face being online, both being aware and unaware. Then he talked at length about making the best use of digital media for education and being well prepared for a career. He touched upon what exactly is meant by the term iMature.

They have created a curriculum framework for teaching digital citizenship and Internet maturity for students of classes 8th and above. The objective of this curriculum framework is clearly defined as: “To make students capable of utilizing the power of Internet for learning; protecting themselves from its harmful effects, and growing into mature and ethical digital citizens.”

The team had given free accessing of DCIM course to five brilliant students of Shree Bhavan’s Bharti Public School. They will explore it and will be certified by DCIM - Basics.

It was universally agreed that networking is a trend to use and it’s best to advice children on usage and caution them, rather than try to prohibit them.