Cabinet Members

Empowering the leader in every child.


Uday Mishra-students of sbbps

Uday Mishra
Head Boy - Senior

Jiya Chourasiya-students of sbbps

Jiya Chourasiya
Head Girl - Senior

Avni Singh-students of sbbps

Avni Singh
Deputy Co-ordinator

Aviral Singh-students of sbbps

Aviral Kumar Singh
Head Prefect

Rudraksh Pandy-students of sbbps

Rudraksh Pandy
Deputy Prefect

Agraya Shukla-students of sbbps

Agraya Shukla
Asst. Discipline Secretary

Ashmit Basu-students of sbbps

Ashmit Basu
Discipline Secretary

Kritagya Sharma-students of sbbps

Kritagya Sharma
Cultural Secretary

Anjali Rajak-students of sbbps

Anjali Rajak
Asst. Cultural Secretary

Devraj Purohit-students of sbbps

Devraj Purohit
Sport Secretary

Shruti Tiwari-students of sbbps

Shruti Tiwari
Asst. Sport Secretary

Shiva Rathore-students of sbbps

Shiva Rathore
Information & Communication

Tanishka Purohit-students of sbbps

Tanishka Purohit
Shivaji House Captain

Vipul Dighe-students of sbbps

Vipul Dighe
Shivaji House Vice Captain

Advika Pant-students of sbbps

Advika Pant
Tagore House Captain

Navya Chaturvedi-students of sbbps

Navya Chaturvedi
Tagore House Vice Captain

Shlok Thapa-students of sbbps

Shlok Thapa

Mahima Thakur-students of sbbps

Mahima Thakur
Azad House Captain

Siddhant Tiwari-students of sbbps

Siddhant Tiwari
Azad House Vice Captain

Khushi Malviya-students of sbbps

Khushi Malviya
Raman House Captain

Ayushi Choubey-students of sbbps

Ayushi Choubey
Raman House Vice Captain


Naitik Rawat-students of sbbps

Naitik Rawat
Head Boy Junior

Kanishka Singh-students of sbbps

Kanishka Singh
Head Girl Junior

Trasha Singh-students of sbbps

Trasha Singh
Co-ordinator Junior

Shrankhla Pandey-students of sbbps

Shrankhla Pandey
Dy Co-ordinator Junior

Shreayansh Shrivastava-students of sbbps

Shreayansh Shrivastava
Head Prefect Junior

Satwik Shukla-students of sbbps

Satwik Shukla
Dy Prefect Junior

Rudra Gupta-students of sbbps

Rudra Gupta
Information & Communication