Message from Director

Education is the manifestation of Perfection already in a child

Message from Director

"When educating the minds of our youth,
we must not forget to educate their hearts- Dalai Lama

Teaching has always been a passion for me. Right from my childhood I was fascinated by this profession. Later, I had the good fortune of joining my dream profession. Watching a child bloom into a worthy adult is a pleasure incomparable for any teacher. After my resignation from Kendriya Vidyalaya in the year 2001, it was but natural to open my own institution, where I had a free hand to mould young minds in their own microcosm. I took up the challenge to nurture and build good human beings, ready to face all odds of life in a dignified manner. My goal is to impart education in its true sense. I feel, a child, apart from being knowledgeable should be well educated. Visiting schools all over India and abroad gives me immeasurable pleasure. Whenever I travel to a new place, visiting a school, is always included in my itinerary.

I have been fortunate to have visited schools in places like Musoorie, Dehradun, Ooty, Rishi Valley and Pondicherry. I have also visited a couple of schools in the UK. Interacting with the management and the students has given me an insight to many innovative methods adopted by these schools. It has always been my endeavour to implement anything worthwhile I learn from other places that may prove beneficial for my students.

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I take special interest in first generation learners who are usually dominated by the average and above average students belonging to the higher strata of society. I take it as a mission to bring these less fortunate students to the level of the class by providing special care as they are deprived of it at home. Initially, I started my school in a rented building at Shyamla Hills. It had classes from I to V standard. Soon the school earned a good reputation and won the appreciation and admiration of parents, academicians and other important members of society.

Mrs. Reeta Rout

Laying of foundation stone

With the need for expansion, the foundation stone for the new building was laid by Shri Avadheshanand Girija Jnanapeethadheshwar at Kerwa Dam Road in the year 2006.


It gives me immense pride and satisfaction to say that the logo of the school was designed by me.

Naming of the school

The task may seem simple but it took a lot of deliberations before I could choose an appropriate name for my school.finally a name suggested by a parent of a student was selected. Shri Avadheshanand Girija Jnanapeethadheshwarji later added a prefix 'Shree' to the name as he felt it was auspicious for the school.