Message from Assistant Director

Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of a great teacher is transformational.
- George Couros

Greetings to All !!!

Technology today has made a significant impact on the Indian Education System. Now the system is dominated by 'improved learning and increased engagement,' we at Shree Bhavan's Bharti (SBBPS) continue our indefatigable efforts to ensure all our students have access to all possible state-of-the-art technology.I feel privileged to be part of this family. Here each day brings new experiences. It is great to work with dedicated, innovative and caring staff and the inquisitive young minds eager to learn new things.

It is a challenge to come up to the expectations of the students. It is our duty to satiate their curiosity. We at SBBPS constantly keep updating ourselves to keep pace with the ever changing trends.It is our endeavour to provide the best to our students. Each child is precious to us. We believe each child is born with some innate talent which needs to be identified otherwise it gets lost without reaching its fruition. We need to guide them towards the right path to translate their talents to full potential.

assistant director of sbbps

We believe that powerful learning takes place where there is mutual respect between teachers and students. When people are valued, it helps them to fulfil their potential both as students and teachers.With the support of the dear parents we seek to create an environment that will help the students to realize their dreams and also contribute towards the building of a healthy society.

Mrs. Hina
Assistant Director