SBBPS Delivering Quality Education

We are a family of Creative Learning where creativity is as essential in education as literacy.

BEST CBSE SCHOOL IN BHOPAL Delivering Quality Education

Primary education is the most important element of the education, where child learn the basic manners, culture & discipline which assist them through their life to attain their goals. Every parent wants the best schooling for their child with the combination of studies, sports, culture, etc. Shree Bhavan's Bharti Public School (SBBPS) delivers all the best to each & every child to develop their mental & physical health to the optimum level.

There are many schools in India, but today we'll talk about best CBSE Schools in Bhopal. The best school can't be built in a day; it needs lot of hard work, people and right guidance. It is not about effort of a single person, making any school stand on the seventh sky is all team work and group efforts. These groups and teams make schools best in Bhopal.Best school in Bhopal can't be those one which are best in education or whose students crack any kind of competitive exams, but best school in Bhopal should be best in education, excellent in their sports and gorgeous with their cultural activities. The staff should be trained and helpful.

    We are equipped with all the essential elements like:-
  • - Affordable fees for every working class.
  • - Large campus premises with multiple sports playfield.
  • - Large fleet of transportation with skilled & experience drivers.
  • - Spacious laboratories.
  • - Caring & nurturing teachers.
  • - Monthly report of the pupils
  • And much more..

What Your Child Will Extract??
Shree Bhavan's Bharti Public School (SBBPS) follows the CBSE pattern to develop the capabilities, talent & skill of the students. We also ensure that the students perform better in the competitive platform likes in extra co-curricular activities. This will boost the confidence while performing any task.

Easy Enrollments
Get a meeting appointment with the admission concern person through our online portal as per your comfort schedule.All the important circular will be given through the school website as well as hardware copy of it to the pupils.

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