Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in Higher Secondary Schools

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Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in Higher Secondary Schools Bhopal

The need of co-curricular activities in school and colleges has always been a strong debate topic. Some parents believe that they send their child to grasp the learning and not to waste time in such activities because they want their child to be a doctor or engineer. And such activities don't contribute anyway. Whereas, some parents believe that these activities keep the student's mind and active to concentrate on their studies. Yes, they believe in the right thing. Co-curricular activities conducted at the higher secondary school in Bhopal benefits the students for their overall development from intellectual, emotional, social, to moral. Further, creativity, enthusiasm, energy, social participation, and positivity are some of the aspects of personality development that come along with such activities. Extra co-curricular activities are an addition in the child's education syllabus. Activities may include:

  • -Sports
  • -Music, dance, and art activities.
  • -Debate and discussion.
  • -Arts and craft, and decoration.
  • -Fancy day competition.
  • -Photography.
  • -Conducting fare, annual day celebration, sports day celebration, and other such events.
  • -Celebration of festivals through various competitions such as rakhi making, diya decoration, etc.

Therefore, authorities at CBSE affiliated Schools in Bhopal explain some of the major benefits of conducting these activities.

  • -When you continuously work on a computer for hours, what you do? You shut down the system to cool down to enhance the performance, right? So, why to not apply the same in case of the students. The participation in such activities boosts up the confidence of a student and freshens up their mind and body to concentrate on their studies.
  • -Co-curricular activities fuel the interests of the learning among the students.
  • -They come to understand the importance of the team work and no task can be successfully achieved without a proper team efforts.
  • -Active participation of students helps the parents and teachers to identify the inner skills of a student and put extra efforts in polishing those skills to let the student achieve great success in his field of interest.
  • -Most co-curricular activities are conducted outside the classroom which gives students to get out of their desk making them physically active and try out the new things in a practical sense.

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