Changed School timing W.e.f Tuesday 18th January 2022 Classes : I to V :- 8:50 AM to 12:00 Noon Classes: VI to XII :- 8:50 AM to 12:40 PM  

Student Zone

Hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes from freedom.

Selection of School Cabinet

Becoming a stakeholder in the day to day running of school activities students elect their cabinet through the process of voting. All four house Shivaji, Tagore, Azad and Raman name their representatives, keeping in mind the parity. Poling procedure takes a day, all candidates present their case. Students from V to XII grade vote and select the deserving candidate. The Cabinet consists of Head boy and Head Girl, Junior Head boy and Head girl, Sports Secretary, Discipline Secretary and Cultural Secretary.

Inter House Competition

"Competition motivates and drives people to excel, and enables people to learn and benefit from their strengths and weaknesses". Healthy Competitions are the ways of life, at SBBPS, We aim to achieve higher skills and better experiences through Inter House Competitions. Each house led by house captain and vice captain strive to give their best. House are not only judged on sports ground or relay tracks but also on notice boards and assemblies. Students learn their strengths and weaknesses. It helps to build a strong team spirit among the students through various competitions like, Inter-House English Song Competition, Inter-House Sports Competition, Inter-House Scholastic and Non-Scholastic Competition.

English Group Song

Patriotic Song

Hindi / English Writing


"The morning assembly is a common meeting ground to which each brings his offerings the fruit of his observation and studies or music, literature, and art that delight him. A place where all cooperate for the pleasure and will being of the whole".

No words can describe the morning assemblies of SBBPS as the above lines do. Morning assembly is conducted by every house. Each House displays its skills through performances, keeping in mind the importance of the day. Special assembly is conducted on days of national importance and awareness like Independence and Republic day, Youth day, National skill day etc. Festivals also have a special place in the morning assembly.

Investiture Ceremony

School Exhibition

World Yoga Day