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Old Age Home


‘I, walk with a promise of never to leave the hand that nurtured me’


30th Sep 2019, Shree Bhavan’s Bharti Public School (SBBPS) organized an educational and social trip for students of class I to V to old age home. The trip was organized with a motive of sensitizing the students towards senior citizen who donot have enough support at this age and are taken care of by students we carrying fruits and some other goodies to gift the elderlies. Not all goods were in kind. Show caring their emotions the students of SBBPS presented some motivational songs to cheerup the elderlies. The air was filled with love and enthusiasm, as children went on interacting with every member of old age home. At the end prayer was performed for good health of the elderlies. The visit was a very strong message to the young sters that it is not only our duty but also the right of every human to have a dignified old age.