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School Cabinet Polling


One of the greatest challenges of all democracies is to get their citizens involved in the political system. Obviously school is an important ground where students can learn the value of exercising this right. On 12th July 2018 Shree Bhavan’s Bharti Public School, Bhopal went for its cabinet elections. 

The selection of Head Boy, Head Girl, Discipline Incharge, Cultural Secretary, Junior School Head Boy and Head Girl and House Incharges, was proceeded with.

Children were divided into groups. An ink mark on the left forefinger depicted their casting of the vote. Students assembled and every candidate reasoned out his/her candidature for a minute. 

Later the votes were casted through secret ballot system.

The counting of the votes will start on 13th of July and soon the results will be declared, choosing the candidate with highest support from school students. 

Lending their support was staff of Shree Bhavan’s Bharti Public School.