Activity plan

Enabling individuals to attain their fullest potential
Beginning of new session Fruit Salad Easter Celebration

Friday Friday Wednesday Monday
Primary colour day Baisakhi Celebration School exhibition Beat the heat activity

Monday Wednesday Thursday
School reopen
* Special assembly , General Talk & Colouring activity
Monthly Assesment Longest day of the year & International yoga day * Perform asans & Brief des cription . # Sense organs Activity (Plac cards & related to Environment) Field trip to zoo at Van Vihar

Friday & Monday Friday Monday - Tuesday  
Rain walk . * Venue : BHEL Park. English & Hindi cursive writing competition Monthly Assesment * Four Season's Activity (Picture talk and paper activity)

Tuesday Friday    
Independence day celebration Raksha bandhan celebration (activity on 2D & 3D shapes) * Van Mahotsav & Investiure ceremony * Monthly Assesment Oral Based on their co-curriculuar activities.

Day & Night Activity Revision & Term I Exams # Scrap Book (every Friday) , Story Telling (2 stories for 2 Quarters) , Picture Talk , Environmental Issues & Table manners activity.

Monday Monday Friday Wednesday    
Gandhi Jayanti celebration with the help of skit Navratri celebration Session on community helpers with the help of puppets & Fancy Dress competition based on coomunity helpers Halloween Day *Annual Sports day preparation * Monthly assesment based on co-curricular activities

Friday Friday     Wednesday
Diwali Celebration Field trip to Regional Science Centre * Annual Sports day # Material & Texture activity (material wil be displayed) Monthly assesment

  Wednesday Friday  
NGO - Arushi Visit (Prep Class) Term II exams Christmas celebration # Solar System activity
(model making with the help of ball & draw the chit)

Friday Wednesday Friday Tuesday
Lohri Celebration Monthly Assesment Republic day celebration English recitation competition

February & March
Grandparents Day
(Dance, Welcome Song, Skit, Band)
Revision & Term III Exams # Scrap Book (every Friday) , Story Telling (2 stories for 2 Quarters) , Issues Related to India & Table manners activity.




  • 1) The Thirsty Crow
  • 2) The Rabbit and Turtle
  • 3) Five Little Monkeys
  • 4) Three Little Pigs


  • 1) The Peacock & the Crane
  • 2) The Dove & the Ant
  • 3) Little Red Riding Hood
  • 4) The Magic Pots


  • 1) The Two pots
  • 2) The Wolf in Sheep Skin
  • 3) The Goose that lay Golden Eggs
  • 4) The Ant & the Grasshopper

Extra Co-curricular Activities

  • Secondary and Territory colours
  • Good Touch and Bad Touch
  • Road safety & Traffic Light
  • Emotions activity

Teaching Aids

  • Video on Jolly phonics
  • Story telling with the help of puppets and showcasing video
  • Visual Aids Walls and wooden blocks (2D & 3D)