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Visits on Childrens Day on 14th Nov 2017
Children are the future of our country and 14th Nov being their day, staff and students wanted to make it a memorable day for them. The day started with a special assembly prepared with love and affection for them by their teachers. They visited different worth exploring spots of the city. Students of 'Toddler's House' went to Hyper City, DB Mall, I to X went to Regional Science Centre whereas the XI & XII (Science) went to Nahar Spinning Mill, Mandideep and Commerce to PNB Nehru Nagar. Apart from fun & frolic they also learnt many things during these visit. Thus the day was well spent and made worthwhile for them.
Grandparents Day Celebration- on 11th Nov 2017
Grandparents are the most important members of a family. They are the Roots of the family tree. They show the right path to the family members with their experiences. They instill good values in their grandchildren with lovely stories, anecdotes as the Best Playmates for the kids. To show their love and reverence to these elderly members of the family. The staff and students of SBBPS Toddler's House celebrated Grandparent's Day under the theme "Beauty of Life" in the school premises on 11th Nov'17. The programme began with a beautiful welcome song and a colorful dance based upon "Life cycle of a Butterfly" followed by exciting games for grandparents & kids.
Spin a Yarn on 8th Nov 2017
An Inter House 'Spin a Yarn' competition was held in SBBPS on 8th Nov'17 in the school auditorium. Students from classes III to X participated. The junior group comprising of the students of classes III to VI were shown a picture and they had to create and tell a story whereas the senior group consisting of the students from classes VII to X had to weave their story with the help of the opening line provided to them. …………….. House won the competition in the junior section. In the senior section ………………. House clinched the trophy.
English Poem Recitation competition on 8th Nov 2017
Our toddler’s participated in English Recitation Competition held on 8th Nov 2017. They participated very enthusiastically. They were given the poems class wise i.e. PN- Teddy Bear- Teddy Bear Nur- Five little Monkeys Prep- Oats, Beans+ Barley grow. They performed very well and marking was done on the basis of the following parameters- Confidence, Pronunciation, Body Language and impression. Prizes were given to the winners.
Halloween Day Celebration- on 31st Oct 2017
Toddler's came dressed up as a ghost "Vampire and Witch". We created a dark house for the students with all scary items. Children danced on horror music. Teachers told the importance of this day and need of Pumpkin. Blood is very important for the body and it is also the food for the ghost. Roohafaza was also given to the children. Following activities conducted: Pre-Nur: White Ghost Nur : Pumpkin MosaicWork Prep : Pumpkin in craft

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